Ariela Dvorská


Dear Sir/Madame/ Company name,
This letter is a request to review a sonship proposal for an upcoming young rider in the Dressage, Equestrian sport.
My name is Ariela Dvorska and I am 18 years old. I am from the Czech Republic but currently living and training the Netherlands. I am in my senior year of an international education of the IB Diploma Programme.
The reason why I am writing this proposal is because I have an enormous passion for horses and began a sport called Dressage in result of this. When I began riding more seriously in 2014 and purchased my first horse, I made the decision to fully invest myself into this sport; thinking “all, or nothing”. With the required investment of finance and time needed to succeed in this sport, I knew I couldn’t do it “half-way”. In February 2016 I moved to the Netherlands (away from my family and home in Prague) to pursue my dreams and started training with an established trainer Alex Van Silfhout (who is also the national coach for young riders) and his son Diderik van Silfhout (who was a participant in the Rio Olympics 2016).
I aspire to be compete in international competitions, and aim for the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo 2020. However, to do this I can no longer rely and depend on my mothers finance. My mother has been a an amazing support ever since I started however, I can no longer expect her to invest large finance into this sport, as it is becoming more and more difficult to do so. To be involved in the dressage sport is very costly. This includes training and boarding costs, competition costs, equipment, maintenance (such as farrier, feed and vets) and so on. In addition, to reach my goals and improve as a rider I need to invest in a younger horse with a lot of potential into the greater sport. This is because my horse Saint Tropez is already 17 years old. As well as the purchase of a means of transportation (such as a small truck) is needed.
I am contacting you because I am searching for a main sponsor, and thus requesting a sponsorship from ………As a large corporate company, the support of a young athlete may fulfil the companies social corporate responsibility. It is a unique opportunity to support top sports, to contribute to talent and youth development and to get a lot of exposure within (and outside of) the equestrian world. Any type of collaboration with your company would be an honour.
If you were interested in any sort of collaboration in the perspective of sponsoring, this is a brief review of the benefits that could/would come with it:
The names of my horse(s) would carry the name of the sponsor and thus will be mentioned and introduced in all communications (to the extent permitted by the sport rules).
The trailer (potentially a purchased sport truck) would have an imprint of the company logo, exposing it throughout the journeys around the Netherlands and of course the whole of Europe.
My clothing and the horses attire (sport blankets, saddle pads etc.) would display the company logo and of course I would contribute to promoting the services of the company. This would be possible during my attendance in competitions with my own horse and also as a spectator at large international competitions such as the Reem Acra Noord Brabant, World Dressage Masters in Roosendaal, the Dutch NH Championships etc. As I train and travel with my trainer, I am able to display the company logo on many occasions.
I am very active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. which gives me a large platform and the opportunity to reach many people, who would be exposed to your company through my ambassadorship and representation of it.
If you are more interested in my life, I have included a CV containing more information about my story and my education (including photographs). In addition I wanted to provide you with examples of companies who already invested in this sport and show you the advantages of it: Glock, Hermes, Gucci, Longines, Rolex, Reem Acra and many more. I believe it has been a growing trend to invest into this sport and it is becoming more and more popular. Lastly, I would like to mention that the relationship and trust between the sponsor an myself is much more valuable to me than the financial benefits. This is why I approached your company as I believe that there could be a rewarding outcome for both sides.
Please consider my proposal and get back to me when you have time. It would mean a great deal to me if this opportunity developed and we could have a future collaboration.
Kind Regards,
Ariela Dvorska
tel: +31624478301

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